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XB1 Can't See Friend Car

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  • XB1 Can't See Friend Car


    Summary: A previous owner install the EFI setup on my 1500cc Spitfire. I finally found the TunerStudio recognised the ECU and imported the .msq map.Serial Signature is: MSII Rev 2.89100 I've the full version of TunerStudio now, but prior to purchase in the Lite version, I viewed a few menu items, clicking 'Cancel' to back out.One area I accidentally clicked 'OK'. Despite NOT changing any field entries, the car stopped and now runs rough with black smoke out the exhaust. Location of OK was: Fuel Setup > Injection Control > Required Fuel Calculator.Current settings to get the car to idle are:1493cc <<< was 350 CID when clicked OK4 cyl12 lb/hr (inj flow) <<< was 30 lb/hr when clicked OK14.7 (air flow)Clearly a mix problem, but I am having trouble fixing it (I copied the map yesterday to create a map I could use 'autotune' on.. didn't make a huge difference.Any suggestions on what I should work on would be appreciated. At this stage, I don't wish to pay $800 for tuning as quoted.

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