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    The Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners Reviews 2021: Stick Vacuum Edition

    Stick vacuums have been rapidly growing in popularity in recent years. They are lighter, sleeker, and arguably are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional bulky upright vacuums. Their cleaning performance usually isn’t so bad, either.

    With that said, if you’re looking to purchase for yourself a best rated vacuum, the following models are worth investigating.

    1. Shark Rocket HV302

    This is currently one of Shark’s Find the Best Vacuum Cleaner with Our Top Ratings with well over 8,000 topics. The vast majority of them are positive. During our quality tests of the HV302, it is pretty easy to see why.

    First, the performance is excellent. Despite its small size, the HV302 corded vacuum is capable of producing a lot of suction power.

    Its high suction output is how the vacuum received nearly an absolute score (9.5/10) in our bare floors cleaning assessment. The HV302 can suck up just about anything on hardwood floors. From pet hair, small debris like rice grains, all the way to large debris such as breakfast cereal. The reason why it doesn’t get a 10/10 is because suction decreases somewhat when the dust bin becomes full.

    The vacuum’s performance isn’t nearly as good on carpeting.

    On low-pile carpets, the vacuum struggled slightly when it had to pick up pet hair. But other than that, it was able to pick up most debris and dirt. As for high-pile carpets, the vacuum visibly faltered when we put it to the test. It had problems picking up small debris strewn on our thick carpet. Large debris, pet hair, and dirt were still picked up at a decent rate (though not nearly as good as on hardwood floors).

    Despite a few flaws, we’re happy with the design. The HV302 is light, portable, and highly maneuverable. It weighs only 8 pounds when fully assembled. However, its short power cord (25 feet), relatively small dust cup (0.36 dry quarts), and the lack of a HEPA filter can be troubling.

    The Shark HV302 is pretty affordable, so if you’re looking for a budget stick vacuum, it will be one of the better top 10 vacuum cleaners out there.

    2. Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal

    Though it’s already been replaced by the newer Dyson V11, the Dyson V10 Animal is still a hugely popular and relevant vacuum cleaner in 2021.

    Because it comes with the same type of suction motor as the V11 (Dyson Digital Motor), the V10 can produce nearly the same amount of suction power as the V11. As such, when we tested it in our lab, the results of the V10 came very close to the pricier, more fancy V11.

    On both hardwood floors and carpeting (low-pile and high-pile alike), the V10 Animal was able to score beyond 9/10 in both categories. It can suck up dirt very efficiently due to its high suction. The V10 also has no problem dealing with debris and pet hair, either.

    All in all, the performance of this cordless stick vacuum is — without exaggeration — excellent.

    Dyson also did a good job with the design of the V10, as always. It is light and highly portable. Battery life is decent compared to most cordless vacuum cleaners. In our test, we got between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the cleaning mode used.

    The 0.69 dry quarts cup is decent and was designed to be as mess-free as possible, which is great news for allergy sufferers out there. And of course, like every other Dyson vacuum, it comes with a lifetime HEPA filter.

    The only problem with this vacuum is its high price. Its price tag can deter a lot of interested users from buying it. But really, you should really consider investing in it.


    Both of these stick vacuums are among the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners that the market has to offer. We’re certain that they will serve you well if you were to give them a chance!
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