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Bonette or Bust 2005 - Sep 4 - Sep 17 2005

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  • Bonette or Bust 2005 - Sep 4 - Sep 17 2005

    Désolé, je ne parle pas Français

    Hi everyone [img]smile.gif[/img]

    On the 4th September a group of English MINI owners are coming to France. We will driving some of the best roads in the Alps including Col de la Bonette - plus haute route d'Europe - and then going to Switzerland, Italy, Austria and back home.

    Hopefully some of you will want to join us for a few days?

    You can find full route information here:

    And our offical thread is here:

    Any questions please let me know.

    Au revoir

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    Hi Stuart !

    We will do something like you.
    From 2nd to 11th August, we are going to Italy (Turin, Milan...) we will also go to Col de Turini and Passo dello Stelvio, and also switzerland, etc...

    I cannot join you in spetember because I am too far (I'm from Brittany) but I am sure others french (or from switzerland, or belgium) will be able to join you.

    Cooper S R56 '10 PW/B (Hong-Kong) + Cooper CVT '04 EB/W + 997 Turbo cab (France)


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      Hi PeB_35 [img]smile.gif[/img]

      On the 4th September we are meeting at the old Grand Prix circuit in Gueux, near Reims. We are staying the night nearby. Maybe you could pop along and say hi?

      Stelvio is a great road If you are brave visit the Passo di Gavia - it is a seriously frightening road


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        Welcome to the Forum

        I'll translate for everybody :
        "Le 4 septembre, un groupe de Mini anglaises viendra en France. Nous allons sillonner les plus belles routes des Alpes, y compris le col de Bonnette (la plus haute route d'Europe), et puis nous irons en Suisse, en Italie, en Autriche et, ensuite, nous rentrerons chez nous"
        JNS513 - Franco en +/- 3'07" - Ring en 8'44" BTG Allez signer, c'est important !


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          Merci beaucoup JNS513 [img]smile.gif[/img]


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            Many Thanks JNS for the translation,

            The Club-Nouvelle-MINI would always been interested in such a meeting, however, the info arrives a bit too late for me. As Peb said, the club will be in the French Alps from the 1st till the 10th of August...

            Wigley, Please, if such a meeting will take place next year, could you tell all your friends that the French MINI Owners would be proud to join the convoy...


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              Thanks [img]smile.gif[/img]

              If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. Have a look at for some info about our 2004 tour

              The offer is still open for anyone who wants to come and see us for just a day or two


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                Hi !

                I think I'll take the offer... In fact I live in Nice which is at 30 min of the 'col de la bonette'.

                So I take all the informations and I'll contact you for the meeting point

                See you


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                  Si t'as récupéré ton permis
                  Cooper S R56 '10 PW/B (Hong-Kong) + Cooper CVT '04 EB/W + 997 Turbo cab (France)


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                    Welcome on the French forum
                    I looked with through the galleries photographs your forwarding 2004, and thank you to give us news of the edition 2005. I live near the border Suisse (BASEL) and you pass forcing near to my home... I will try to find the dates of your passage.

                    As some say to you, will be the with dimensions one for us of Stelvio next August... escuse for my English, but I cannot speak much with you, I am also reader of the forum on MINI2 but I always do not answer because of the barrier of the language (technical, not easy...)

                    have you a link from your 2004 expedition

                    best regards [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]
                    8 Minis....entre 2002 et 2017 !
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                      Here you are Dek!


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                        @BaToU#1, @DeK - Great news! Here are the routes for each day of our tour:

                        4 Sep: Boulogne-sur-mer to Montmort (near Reims)
                        5 Sep: Montmort to La Mure
                        6 Sep: La Mure to Le Muy
                        7 Sep: Le Muy to Auron
                        8 Sep: Auron to Aussois
                        9 Sep: Aussois to Ulrichen (Switzerland)
                        11 Sep: Ulrichen (Switzerland) to St. Moritz (Switzerland)
                        12 Sep: St. Moritz (Switzerland) to Riffian (Italy)
                        13 Sep: Riffian (Italy)to Galtür (Austria)
                        14 Sep: Galtür (Austria) to Strasbourg
                        15 Sep: Strasbourg to Luxembourg
                        16 Sep: Luxembourg to Bruges
                        17 Sep: Bruges to Boulogne-sur-mer


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                          I had not seen all link from the 10 day pages...
                          8 Minis....entre 2002 et 2017 !
                          DeK - Membre CNM n° 002
                          997 C2S PDK - 125d pack M F20


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                            DeK, quand tu cliques sur 2004, juste en dessous doit apparaitre Day 1, Day 2.... Day 10 ! Et pour chaque jour il y a un résumé avec des photos
                            2004 :
                            Cooper S R56 '10 PW/B (Hong-Kong) + Cooper CVT '04 EB/W + 997 Turbo cab (France)


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                              Le dimanche 11/09/05 ils sont à Strbg pourquoi ne pas prevoir une soirée avec eux ?
                              Membre CNM # 22
                              MCS R56 BRG/white for him
                              MCS R60 BLK/white for her
                              ex- Cooper CVT liquid yellow/blanc