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    Un petit compte rendu de test trouvé sur mini2.

    German road test reviews
    The german car magazine with the best reputation "auto motor und sport" has published the first full road test of the Cooper S including acceleration, braking and dynamics test numbers. Overall verdict: "Among the subcompacts the Cooper S plays a very special role with very good performance, high driving safety, best handling and acceptable ride." It is a real GT and more a 2- than a 4-seater. The brakes disappoint under stress."

    In fact the stopping distances are quite good with cold discs, producing a deceleration of 1.01 Gs . After ten stopps from 62 mph the braking force decreases to 0.87 Gs.
    That´s quite remarkable as this effect couldn´t be noted on the Cooper with exactly the same brakes.

    The acceleration:
    0-62 mph: 7.7 s
    0-75 mph: 10.6 s
    0-100 mph: 19.2 s (Cooper: 27.8 s)

    The last remark of the review is indeed very encouraging for all Cooper S fans: "...nearly 20.000 €. Much, but not too much for a small Porsche."

    In the future I´m going to use this thread for further interesting reviews. Another magazine "sport auto" has announced to put the Cooper S through what they call the hardest sports car test in the world: The "sport auto" Supertest, including 0-125-0 mph combined acceleration and braking procedure, high speed cornering, slalom and evasive manover tests and last but not least some fast laps on the 13-mile Nurburgring with it´s legendary track profile.

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    Vous voulez une traduction de la traduction de ce joli article sur le Tonnelier S ?

    Je peux faire un effort si vous le demandez... gentiment ! [img]graemlins/love.gif[/img]

    lol [img]graemlins/dork.gif[/img]


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      Mais... inutile...

      Vous avez tous compris que c'est la plus merveilleuse machine qui soit... [img]graemlins/biggrinking.gif[/img]

      Sauf quand de vilains essayeurs la maltraitent et lui font mal en faisant trop chauffer ses freins !

      Alors là.. elle n'en peut plus et se retrouve completement épuisée !

      [img]graemlins/firing.gif[/img] méchants !