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my new site on car racing story

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  • my new site on car racing story

    Above all sorry i'm writing english, i don't know french language..and second, this isn't spam!

    i want you know my new site: which wants to be a complete enciclopaedia on car racing in XX century and above! About the technical facts, it's all witten in PHP 5.1.6 with object programming and a database Mysql 5.0.22 with stored procedures and triggers.
    First you register (GRATIS) and can insert races of every type(circuit, rally, hillclimbs etc) and modify all you want if something is wrong (the name winner, a car model) and when search races in every order you want! if you cannot believe, go to SEARCH->ENTIRE YEAR->1967->CIRCUIT->SINGLE SEAT and clic on SHOW RACES. Here you can see all races i have inserted from my AUTOSPRINT-AUTO ITALIANA SPORT collection ; clic on S to show thta race and to see details (starting grid, final standings etc), M to modify that race or I to isnert that race into a particular list.
    If you find the site of help for you, contribute inserting races of every type and go to the forum and chat automatically when you register the site! Thank you!
    Until now i have inserted races until 1967, and now i with a little help from some of my friends we'll try to insert races until 2006!
    And another thing: if you enjoy the site send me an email to convert the site in french language, if you want! thank you!