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Par défaut advice appreciated on new car with problems


I would really appreciate some advice from more experienced F Pace buyers. In brief, I took delivery of a £63,000 S petrol on 14th May. The dealer told me the car had been ordered but buyer's finance rejected last minute so the new car was available immediately.
There have been issues with the car since I have had it and it has been back twice and is still in the service department - been in this week and now will still be in next week. Paint chips so they have had to redo a full panel. More importantly, the card reader in the central armrest has not working since collection, the CD player will not accept a CD and there are other intermittent faults such as recipient can't hear me on a phone call and wrong track showing when playing music with phone connected by Bluetooth.Service replaced the card reader unit but issues not resolved. Now they need to replace the cabling that runs the length of the car (I was told at one point the wrong leads had been fitted in manufacturing?). They are saying if this does not work they will need to replace the whole control unit (I understand this to be the complete entertainment system).I have never had to reject a car. Up to now I have thought it reasonable to have the dealer have a chance to fix the issues but I keep asking myself whether this is reasonable given the price of the car and it being new. Clearly it was not inspected properly before delivery.I have sent a request for compensation. I am also aware that 30 days is up end of next week. Am I right in thinking you have 30 days to reject the car under consumer law?I would really appreciate thoughts here, should I reject? Should I give them more time to fix it and be ok if they offer compensation? What would reasonable compensation look like? Basically any thoughts on what you would do would be wonderful.

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