How Do I Write A Report On My Internship Myself?

Each student will have to go through different types of practice during their studies. During the period of practical training, students consolidate the theoretical knowledge gained during their studies, in practice, get to know their future profession better. Upon completion of the internship, it is defended, for which the student is required to bring a testimonial from the place of internship and a well-formed report. Many students worry they will fail this report, but with write my papers you can be confident in your marks. In the first and second courses, students have an assignment to undergo an introductory (educational practice), during which they observe the work of specialists in their future profile, go on various excursions to production, etc.

In the third or fourth years of study, they are already undergoing practical training, where they can already get acquainted with the work of production more closely, study the documentation. Immediately before writing a thesis, students undergo pre-diploma practice, often it is on the basis of the collected material about the production / work of the company that the practical part of the diploma is written. In this practice, the student is already directly engaged in his future work, but under the supervision of specialists. This isn't enough in most cases, which makes students go to instead. Each university has its own requirements for the structure of the report, but usually it includes "standard" structural elements: title page, individual assignment for practice, calendar plan and diary, content, introduction, main part, which is divided into chapters, conclusion, list of sources and applications. Attached to the report is a description from the practice curator.

Practice Report Structure
  • The title page, as in coursework / essays, contains information about the name of the university, specialty, topic and type of practice, place of passage, as well as information about the student and the curator. Title page is important to the overall perception, so writers always make sure to polish it. At the bottom of the page, the city and the year of the practice are written.
  • Scheduling is a table that describes the timing and program of the internship.

A diary is essentially the same as a planning calendar, but it's broken down into days. In it, the student notes what and when he passed, what he learned.

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