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Renegade Racing- A new game

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  • Renegade Racing- A new game

    Renegade Racing is another fast-paced car driving game in which you compete against rowdy rednecks, adrenaline-addicted police men and other crazy racers on various tracks. Buy a car and improve its performance continuously. Perform thrilling stunts to charge your turbo and try to finish each track as the first. You are the Renegade of the race.

    This game may at times seem like a huge carambola of all kinds of different cars - from a huge London-styled bus to miniature vehicle. And you are right in the middle of it, performing spectacular back and front flips. Try to drive as to save and as daring as possible at the same time. Can you show off with the most fascinating stunts and still cross the finish line first? Find out and have fun with Renegade Racing online and for free on wings io!

    Controls: Arrows = Drive