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Une MCS version light à venir (limited edition)

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  • Une MCS version light à venir (limited edition)

    D'après Motoringfile, il y a de forte probabilité que BMW sorte une version limitée de la MCS orientée "course" à savoir + légère de 15%(!) [img]graemlins/party.gif[/img] et une puissance au moins similaire à la prépa. JCW [img]graemlins/applause.gif[/img]

    Egalement sur mini2:

    After breaking the news this January, MINI2 adds a little more water to the rumours mill.

    In January MINI2 broke the news that MINI are planning to release a light weight ltd edition MINI Cooper S, in a bid to help the 1st generation MINI flagship go out with a real bang (see here: Light Weight Cooper S Ltd Edition Planned). We've recently acquired a few more sneak details of what might be in store, and really, if you think you could be tempted, then hens teeth might be easier to acquire than one of these little beasts once an official announcement is made (we have no idea when this might be).

    Firstly, this limited edition model may be very rare indeed, we've heard that our initial reports estimate of 4,000 models to be made may have been a 100% over estimation, so there could be as few as 2,000 of these cars produced to serve the MINI market worldwide! So as we said before, if your dealer will let you be put on some sort of interest list (as the car isn't announced yet, they may not want to), then get on that list pronto!

    In terms of specifics, we believe you can expect an increased engine output that will at least match the output with the current JCW Cooper S tuning package. As stated in our earlier article, the car will feature unique carbon fibre panels to reduce weight, however it seems things will be even more drastic with unique interior AND exterior parts, including replacing glass with perspex in suitable panels, and lighter door casings, side panels and dash panels.

    The car is planned to be as much as 15% lighter than a stock MINI Cooper S, and to go with this higher power and lower weight, expect a beefed up braking system too, with the John Cooper Works parts bin being raided for certain components. According to the rumours we've been hearing, this is sounding like being much more than a simple nick-n-tuck job, this a full liposuction treatment, then testosterone injection!

    As ever, if MINI2 gets anything more concrete, or any more interesting rumours with more specific details on this exciting development, we'll keep you all posted!

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    A quel prix !
    Dans les 30k€ peut-être ?
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      Ah oui ça elle va surement douillé surtout si il y a 2,000 exemplaires seulement (!).

      Mais bon quand on aime... [img]smile.gif[/img]


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        Il y a pas encore de photo ??


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          pas de news sur ce modèle ??


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            Cooooool [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]
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              Trop bien ! Vu que je viens d'essayer la mcs, je suis trooooooooooop amoureux !
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