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Do The Vehicles Demands Decrease In Japan?

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  • Do The Vehicles Demands Decrease In Japan?

    Due to aging and high cost, a rapid decrease in Japanese automobiles is noted. It is calculated that one out of four Japanese has crossed their sixties. More than two hundred thousand population has decreased in the recent years that have infected a blow in the retail business of Japanese cars. Moreover, Japan being the honeycomb of public transportation majority of the citizens prefer traveling by local buses and vans neither of them tends to invest in buying a car of their own. "With Japan's population shrinking and aging, automobile demand is in a structural downtrend," says Kohei Takahash.

    One more reason for the rapid decrease is urbanization. People face many car related expenses if they plan to have a car. As compared to new ones Used Japanese cars are high in demand. All such problems make it difficult to buy a ca. These are some reasons that show how Japanese cars have received a sharp downfall. What do you say about it?