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94 Chevy K2500, 350 5 spd catastrophic electrical failure(?)

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  • 94 Chevy K2500, 350 5 spd catastrophic electrical failure(?)

    Truck is old, used and abused over the years I’m sure. I put a lot of work into it after picking it up for cheap last summer, and got it to last me through the winter as a DD on rough dirt/icy roads and trips into town. It has been a great vehicle for its purpose and age (195k miles, rebuilt trans 2k ago).

    The other day I was driving up said rough road and I heard a loud clunk, gas pedal dropped and the truck shut off immediately. Upon inspection under the hood, I found that two large plugs had been pulled from their sockets attached to the firewall. I crawled under the truck and sure enough the driveshaft had grabbed onto some piece of a rats nest of wire and yanked, ripping 5-10 different wires completely apart (ranging from about 12 ga to 18 ga).buy cbd products Mobdro

    The under hood lightbulb began smoking intensely so I pulled the battery cables. Any ideas what exactly might have been damaged (fuel pump/fuse box?), where I might begin if I wanted to fix it, and suggestions on how to part it out or sell it would be greatly appreciated.
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