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Eyes Pills,Why It Disturbing Me?

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  • Eyes Pills,Why It Disturbing Me?

    It may look like a pimple. Internal stye: grows inside the eyelid. Most are caused by an infection in the fat-producing gland of the eyelid. Eye with stye Blepharitis It is an inflammation of the eyelids that can be caused by an infection. It can be associated with lack of hygiene, dry eye or oily skin. This condition may become chronic. Treatments for eye infection Many eye infections resolve on their own. In cases of infections with greater resistance, eye drops may be prescribed to treat it. Careful administration of eye drops is required to reduce inflammation. Most bacterial eye infections disappear, especially with immediate treatment, such as eye drops of prescription antibiotics or ointments. The treatment of these eye diseases will depend on the cause of the infection, although it is important to be clear that some pathologies such as conjunctivitis are very contagious and require the person to remain in isolation and maintain a constant handwash. Eyes Pills,Why It Disturbing Me?

    Treatments may include: Use of compresses Eye drops Ointments Eye drops or oral antibiotics Causes and symptoms Eye infections can occur in different structures and affect only one or both. Eye diseases can vary in the degree of severity, but in most cases they are easy to cure depending on the appropriate treatment. These discomforts can affect anyone, but they tend to be more common in children or people with chronic hygiene or health problems. Some of the causes are: Trauma or injury to the eyes Poor eye hygiene Contact with infected surfaces Touch your eyes with dirty hands Little care when using contact lenses Eye with blepharitis The symptoms and signs of these infections will depend on the pathology of the eye, but within them we can name: Redness of the eye Itch Swelling Mucous or pus secretion Pain or vision problems Crying eyes Light sensitivity Appearance of a white spot on the cornea in the case of keratitis (must be evaluated urgently) How to prevent an eye infection?